Monday, October 29, 2012

Taper Blues

We're inside the final week of preparation. At this point, there will be no physical gains to be realized on race day. That being said, there is plenty we can be doing to make sure our bodies (and minds) are ready to 'toe the line'.

We both have been obsessively nursing minor injuries for the past couple of weeks. People refer to the 'taper blues' because everything seems to fall apart during taper. While it seems backwards that our bodies would revolt against us when we finally give them some rest, it seems to be a motif of tapering. It's important to keep this in mind and rather than push your body and test its limits, trust in your training and fitness and give your body the rest and TLC it needs.

Tapering is a game of patience, it's a power struggle. If you are patient, heed the almighty taper and use the extra time in lieu of training to do some extra stretching, icing, yoga, etc. then taper can make your race. Alternatively, if you succumb to the taper blues, you can royally screw things up. It always strikes me as funny how we look forward to some rest and recovery, but when it comes time to do so, we're reluctant and resistant (myself included).

But experience and the guidance of more experienced athletes and coaches can ease the process. I keep telling myself, "Keep it simple, stupid," or rather "Keep it easy, stupid." Yesterday, I did something I never do: I cut my run short. My legs were achin', I wasn't enjoying it, and it was supposed to be an easy run but wasn't feelin' it, so I said to hell with it. I cut my run from 12 to 10 miles. Small victories.

Tapering has funny ways of reminding us that a lil' r&r is a necessity. It's completely normal to feel completely insane during taper, but it's important not to let it control you, it's important to be the master of your own taper, and to even try and enjoy it a little (crazy, I know.)

We've built. Now we're putting on the finishing touches. However, let's keep in mind that Habitat is still building every day. Let's stay building and stay inspired! We're going to take some of the extra time during our taper to make a final push in fundraising efforts! So don't be surprised to get a few more emails from us! We are also going to finalize a work site day soon!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more (anxious) taper updates.


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